All market research companies are pretty much the same . . .

We all offer the same basic services

We all have remarkably similar skill sets

So why choose nVision Research?

How do we excel?

By making you look good.

By helping you define and achieve your goals.

By taking tools that all consultants use and making
them better.

Experience you can count on.

Making you look good.

We report results that communicate

Our clients literally put our presentation material on the wall … not on the shelf.

We meet your needs

Your job will get done on top, on time, and on target.

We exceed your expectations

We’ve sat in the client’s chair and have a keen sense of what you want.

Count on us when they are counting on you.

Helping you meet your goals.

We perform research backwards, from finish to start

Our first question is about your end result. Then we start thinking about methodology.

We know the limits of research

We can show you whether your approach, your sample size, and your budget will lead to a statistically reliable conclusion – or just leave you with unanswered questions.

Count on us when it really matters.

Improving on existing tools

We understand the capabilities of statistical methods and how to utilize them to meet your objectives

The latest research trend or the technique with the complicated sounding name won’t always fit your problem, but we can often find a unique way to reach the end result.

We get this stuff … and we love it!

After more than 25 years we still find research exciting.

Count on us to surprise you.

So why choose nVision research?

it isn’t WHAT we do – there are lots of vendors

it isn’t HOW we do it – there are only so many methods

it’s WHY we do it – it’s our passion and our belief that quality research means better decisions